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Post  TipsyCad147 on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:14 am

The Magickal Pantry
Not everyone is going to have or be able to have a lot of items on hand. The following list is only a suggestion!!
-Fabric for the altar and making pouches and dream pillows. (I have tons of fabrics from the remanents bin at the fabric store.)


-Baskets of different shapes and sizes. ( good for placing offerings in to the Gods).

-Beads (good for making emergency talismans and amulets.)

-A Bell (sometimes you may find a spell that calls for ronging bells.)

-Bowls (to hold oils, water, salt, etc.)

-Candles of all colors and shapes

-A compass

-A variety of crystals and stones for magickal workings.

-Earth (as in soil)



-Glass jars of all shapes and sizes for storing things like herbs and oils.

-Herbs (don't forget to look at my Herbal Grimore)

-Incense sticks, cones, burners, charcol for herbal incense, and a heat resistant plate.

-Ink and fountain or quill pens to write on parchment paper with.
-Lighters and matches (I keep mine in a wooden box up high in case my god-children come over.)

-A Magick Mirror for scrying (I will eventually have how to make one in the future.)

-Your magickal jewlery.

-Mortar and pestle

-Essential Oils

-Parchment Paper

-Ready made pouches for herbal charms and to carry rocks and gems in.


-Sea salt

-Statues of your Deities or animals.

-Srings and cords

-Wooden boxes


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