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Pagan Daily Devotionals Liberation - a poem

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Pagan Daily Devotionals Liberation - a poem Empty Pagan Daily Devotionals Liberation - a poem

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Pagan Daily Devotionals Liberation - a poem
Liberation - a poem
by Demetre Basteis
I shrug off my shackles
And loosen my chains
I've been freed, truly freed
From the lies and the pain.

My arms I spread wide
As I greet the dawn
His rays reach my wounds
The marks that they've drawn.

The Sun's bold touch
Puts an end to the scars
He lays open my mind
To the Will of the Stars.

I dance with the werewolves
I sing with the trees
I lay with the Earth
I flow with the seas.

The Sun shows me my way
He lightens my path
I need not fear his will
Nor his silence or wrath.

He is no dictator
A judge of my deeds
He is wise with his reason
He answers my pleads.

His words and his teachings
Ring true in my brain
Yet I must be quiet
Lest my tongue be bane.

For those who choose corsets
Laced by their own hand
Loathe and lay blame
On what they don't understand.

Two paths I have trod
Through desert's dry sand
Where all hope has perished
And Living is banned.

My heart walks the second
Where Nature grows strong
Each spirit walks with me
And teaches their song.

With the Sun on my front
My face flush from his smile
I learn by each step
I live by each mile.


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