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December Birth Flower - Narcissus

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December Birth Flower - Narcissus Empty December Birth Flower - Narcissus

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December Birth Flower - Narcissus
The nacissus is the birth flower of December, a sweet fragrant, bulbous white flower with long narrow leaves. Also known as the Christmas flower, the narccissus is closely related to the daffodil which comprises white, yellow and orange hues. The white narcissus is the only variety that does not require a cold and dark season to bloom. In Greek, the word narcissus means 'to numb', as the scent induced headaches when enclosed in a small space.
In Greek mythology, Narcissus was the most beautiful boy on earth and as he saw his own reflection in a near by lake, he leant over to kiss his mirrored image and fell in and drowned. When he was discovered by the God Apollo, he turned Narcissus into a beautiful flower, so his beauty could be remembered forever.
The Egyptians and Greeks relate this flower to death, hanging wreaths of narcissus during a funeral ceremonies.
The narcissus come in: white, yellow and orange.
Its Element: Fire
Flower meaning of Narcissus: egotism, self, formality, stay as sweet as you are, possibility of renewal, peace.


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