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Notes on the Sevenfold Goal

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Notes on the Sevenfold Goal Empty Notes on the Sevenfold Goal

Post  TipsyCad147 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:50 am

Notes on the Sevenfold Goal

The Sevenfold Goal can essentially be regarded as a “mission statement” of the Geferræden Fyrnsidu. If anyone’s wondering why these values are important to the Anglo-Saxons, here’s some evidence within the primary sources:

• Frith – Widsith
• Renown – Havamal, Widsith, Deor
• Spirituality – Tacitus: Germania, The Rune Poem
• Might/main – Widsith, Beowulf, Deor
• Sagacity – Widsith
• Abundance – The Rune Poem
•L ove – The Seafarer, the Wife’s Lament, The Rune Poem, Deor
• All – Anglo-Saxon Literature / Earle, John, 1824-1903

As far as why there are seven, as opposed to nine being of greatest significance in Norse cosmology, seven factors into AS and Germanic cosmology. There are seven worlds on the Germanic World Tree, Irminsul/Eormensyl (omitting the worlds of fire and ice), seven days of the week, there could be said to be seven primary Deities… etc…
In any case, I think it’s a worthy goal that makes Fyrnsidu what it is, a great org full of committed, responsible, worthy members.
(A huge amount of thanks to Osric for the Sevenfold


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