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Tarot Card of the Day - The Hanged Man‏

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Tarot Card of the Day - The Hanged Man‏ Empty Tarot Card of the Day - The Hanged Man‏

Post  TipsyCad147 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:27 am

Tarot Card of the Day - The Hanged Man‏

Tarot Message of the Day:

Have you been taking the time to approach your situation from a different angle?
When “The Hanged Man” appears in a tarot reading, it may suggest your current way of tuning into the energy of the situation may have been impacting you in some way that is swaying you away from aligning your true intention with the right type of support to manifest the best possible outcome.

Instead of trapping yourself in struggling circumstances that would drain your vitality and keep you from feeling inspired, this card “The Hanged Man” could be here to suggest you to spend a moment inward to clarify on what you most desire to achieve for your situation and then consider using this new awareness or clarity as a triggering point for you to begin the process of activating the vibration inside of you that could connect you to discern what could be the lower form of energies or conditions that you could now release in order to allow the situation to unfold to its next level.

“The Hanged Man” could be here to remind you to consider giving up on those old patterns or beliefs that are no longer serving you so that you could now free up more of your energy to awaken your senses to acknowledge and appreciate the true magnificence of your situation.
I sincerely wish you all the very best.



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