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Witchcraft Spells - Will They Work For Anyone?

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Witchcraft Spells - Will They Work For Anyone? Empty Witchcraft Spells - Will They Work For Anyone?

Post  TipsyCad147 on Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:01 am

Witchcraft Spells - Will They Work For Anyone?
Witchcraft Spells - Will They Work For YOU?

An understandable question. As for someone new or unfamiliar with witchcraft, it can seem all very daunting and mystical. And witches do like to keep an air of mystery :-) (in fact it has also been necessary to keep a low profile due to the misinformation and misunderstanding about true witchcraft aka WHITE witchcraft).

Witchcraft spells can in fact originate from many different cultures. Most do not realize that there is some form of witchcraft in just about every culture and religion - ancient and modern.

You may have a witchcraft spell originating from China or Alexandria (ancient times). These may be known by a term other than a witchcraft spell.
So to for the modern day, and a lot of the self help, personal development techniques are in fact witchcraft spells. It's just for many it's more palatable to hear the word 'self help' than 'witchcraft'.
The very well known 'The Secret' is also based on witchcraft/magickal principals.

This is all useful background for you to become more comfortable with witchcraft. Keep the air of mystery by all means (and also to protect yourself) and also know that true witchcraft only comes from an open, loving heart space.

And it adheres to the number one principal of 'and harm ye none' and NEVER divines against anothers free will - meaning that you do not cast a spell to make someone do what you want.
You cast a spell to attract into your life the experience you want to have. You may be specific about what that experience is, what qualities the people involved will display. You just do NOT name a person stating 'So and so will do such and such'.

If you ignore this fundamental and respect rule - you invoke the Rule of Three - meaning you will attract back and event three times in magnitude of your wrong doing! (and this will happen, so please be warned, don't ignore another's right to free will - even if you desparately want a result).
OK so having said all of that - will Witchcraft Spells work for anyone?
The key element - and if you read anything that I write, you will invariably come across this message - as I repeat it over and over again, so people with genuine interest and passion for witchcraft and spells, knows that, YES a spell is indeed powerful.

And the deciding factor will ALWAYS be the spell caster. Without fail.
So what does that mean?
Witchcraft works with the energies of the universe - based on the principal of like attracts like.
If you want to cast a love spell for a new, exciting and fulfilling romance to come your way. And you cast it, focusing on not having any love right now in your life, or your recent lover is still apart from you - that is the energy you are sending out.
And just like a mirror that reflects your image - you will get back a reflection of that emotional state.

So the key, and honestly anyone can do this - this is where the commitment and decision comes in (and what makes a witch so powerful) . You get yourself into the emotional state of FEELING as if what you want is already yours now.

You feels those feelings as if that is your reality!
Instead of focusing on what you see your real reality to be.
As witchcraft is essentially conscious creation - it is about creating new realities, and you need to see and feel that new reality as yours now.
So why not try this little spell out here, and also, when you click on any of these links on this website, you can grab some more free witchcraft spells to sink your teeth into (plus you can go onto a newsletter with more interactive information on witchcraft, and how to make it work for you)


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