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The Magic of Crystals
Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive.
Quartz can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life.
Quartz can reduce stress, help with centering, strengthen, have wonderful healing properties and surround you with protection!
Today's Reading From

Wheel of Fortune

A new chapter in your life may begin today. You may be ending one phase and starting another. The finger of fate works in your favor today.

Pagan Studies - Sweeten One’s Disposition Spell

As summer heats up, tempers often flare. Even the most placid among us may feel irritated by July’s heat and humidity. Create a soothing spell to sweeten the disposition of you and others. Start by gathering a fresh jar of local honey and several sprigs of lavender and lemon balm. Gently wash and dry the herbs and place them in the honey. Seal tightly and, if possible; set the jar out in the moonlight. After one week, make a fresh pitcher of home-brewed iced tea or real lemonade, using the honey to sweeten the drink. Serve it to a cranky loved one with plenty of ice, along with a gentle kiss and soft smile. If you need the pick-me-up, add mint leaves, and go put your feet up. Sip slowly. ~ Karri Allrich

Crone's Corner - Kam-Kwat Health Spell

Kam-kwat, a Cantonese-Chinese word, is a species of the mandarin and orange botanical family, known in English as kumquat. Some kumquat varieties are a cross between orange and lime. They can be found in Chinatowns all over the world if you enquire with Chinese grocers and florists. In many affluent and feng shui–conscious Chinese homes and businesses, two pots of kumquat are placed on each side of a home’s front entrance, just outside the main door. Kumquat signifies gold and auspiciousness and symbolizes health, prosperity, and good fortune. An alternative to a pot of kumquats is having a small orange tree sprouting ripening fruit in your living space. According to the Chinese and feng shui, the fruit can be used as one of the ingredients in spells for health concerns. An example is to squeeze the juice from the fruit, which is sour, bitter, and tangy, and mix it with honey as a preparation for colds and influenza. In purification baths, add seven or seventeen kumquats to the water and visualize the toxins being removed from your body. Dispose of the fruit after the bath or bury it in the ground away from your home. By: S. Y. Zenith

In the Name of the Maiden: I will remember to smile.
Goddess of The Day: Scathach
Highland Games (Scotland)

Themes: Sports; Strength; Excellence; Kinship; Art; Tradition; Magic; Protection; Victory
Symbols: Tartan (plaids); Celtic Music

About Scathach: This Celtic Mother figure endows strength, endurance, and the ability to "go the distance" no matter our situation. In Scotland, she is also a Warrior Goddess who protects the land using magic as a weapon, as implied by the translation of her name, "she who strikes fear." Warriors from around Scotland were said to have studied under Scathach to learn battle cries and jumping techniques (possibly a type of martial arts).

To Do Today: In Scotland, the second weekend in July marks the gathering of Scottish clans to revel in their heritage through numerous games of skill, strength, and artistry (including bagpipe competitions). If you have any Scottish or Celtic music, play it while you get ready to energize your whole day with Scathach's perseverance. If you don't have the music, for a similar effect find something to wear with a Scottish motif, like heather perfume, a plaid tie, things bearing the image of a thistle or sheep, or anything woolen.

To make a Scathach amulet to protect your home, car, or any personal possessions, begin with a piece of plaid cloth and put some dried heather in it (alternatively, put in several strands of woolen yarn). Tie this up and keep it where you believe her powers are most needed


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