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The Greatest Magickal Tool: Your Self

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The Greatest Magickal Tool: Your Self Empty The Greatest Magickal Tool: Your Self

Post  TipsyCad147 on Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:48 am

The Greatest Magickal Tool: Your Self

by Blackcat

The only ritual tool you ever really need is yourself. I know, you’re thinking, “Myself? I’m not a ritual tool! A ritual tool is the chalice, athamé, wand or thurible.” Well, those are tools, but for projecting energy with intent, a trusty index finger will yield results every time. What we have to remember is that tools are just that — they are implements or props. It’s the user that is doing the magick. Tools are valuable and using them can certainly add to a ritual, but they are not required.

As with any craft, the tools of the trade can be important devices in manifesting one’s desire. And that is true whether the tool be a trusty hammer, favorite frying pan or cherished athamé. However, it is never the tool that is doing the action; it is the user. And a skilled user, with a good tool or not, will achieve results that reflect their skill. A grade-schooler is never going to flip those eggs in the pan to the same perfection as an experienced short-order cook, no matter how non-stick the pan. This is not to say that ritual tools do not maintain inherent value and magickal energy. For me they do. But it always comes back to the practitioner interacting with these physical items that makes the magick happen.

I recall several years ago I was in attendance at a local public event. There were several pagan groups all participating and sharing rituals throughout the day. One group canceled on short notice and there was a gap in the day’s
agenda. I was asked if I could facilitate a ritual in the open time slot. “Sure! I’d be delighted!” was my response. And I was. With a few scrounged-up candles, my partner and I offered one of the most energetic and memorable rituals of the event. And we didn’t need the candles. All we needed was ourselves, and our comfort and experience at working magickal energy in a direct and improvisational way.

And using this magickal ability directly is really what witchcraft is about. Wielding an athamé is par for the course for any experienced witch, but what do you do when your altar or spell kit is not available to you? You make do with what you have. Witches are notorious for using any and all sorts of natural materials that may be at hand. Foremost, we use our bodies. And using our bodies in special ways will increase our abilities. Here are some suggested ways to hone in that special tool that is our own body.

Sharpen Your Main Tool —
Your Self

· Set aside time each and every day for meditation. By centering and grounding each day, you will find that energies will flow more easily and more immediately for you. You will also reap many side benefits inherent in meditation.

· Practice visualization. This can be with or in addition to your meditations. Start small by visualizing simple geometric shapes. Practice with eyes closed and then later with eyes open. See the shapes as black and white; later add color. Move on to visualizing simple objects: a book, a piece of fruit, a bunch of hundred dollar bills in your open wallet.

· Work with general energy. Holding your open palms across from each other, sense the energy flowing between your hands. This is life force; real energy. You are alive and pulsing and moving. That motion, that growth, that heat is obviously not static and energy underlies it, of course. Feel the energy.

· Using your visualization skills, create a small ball of energy in front of you. Visualize a neutral or beneficial color such as gold or shimmering violet. Manipulate the energy to move or swing about. When you are finished, be sure to send the energy to ground where it can be released to the earth. This is important. While eventually such energy does dissipate on its own, leaving energy shapes such as this around is said to affect some people with a sense of nervousness, headaches and lethargy.

A Full Moon Ritual with Your Self

Find a quiet spot in nature where you will not be disturbed. This is ideally out-of-doors and can be your own yard or neighborhood park. Remember, witchcraft is predominantly working within the natural cycles and energies of the earth and Moon. Connect with these energies on an emotional level, which activates the astral planes. You may connect with deity in your rites to bring another level of energy and awareness, or you can keep it simple and direct. This is one of the key strengths of witchcraft compared to other types of magickal systems.

Go out to this spot at night when and where you may view the Full Moon undisturbed. Of course, if you are in a public place, be cognizant of legal hours of operation and be mindful of your surroundings for your own safety. Witches are people of knowledge, so please use common sense.

Be sure you are unobserved. Gaze at the Moon and allow all your thoughts of the day and your journey arriving wash away from you and rest down to the earth. You can return to your responsibilities later. For this moment consider nothing other than the Moon above. Allow the light to pour down on you. Feel how the quality of this cool silvery light differs from the hot golden light of the direct Sun.

With the index finger you are most comfortable using, draw a circle around you on the ground, in the leaves or grass or dirt. Visualize energy moving above and below you as if you are in a sphere. See this sphere as a container and a safe space.

Invite the elements. Lift a handful of earth or decaying leaves. Smell the leaves; feel them. Take three deep breaths and notice the air, or open yourself to a breeze with arms outstretched. If it’s raining, feel the rain; catch some raindrops on your tongue. If you are near a body of water, put your hand in the water and taste a drop; if not, swish the saliva in your mouth and spit. For fire, place your hands on your neck and feel the heat. Feel the pulse in your jugular or on your wrist. You are not only your greatest tool; you contain all the elements as well.

Gaze at the stars and Moonlight. Visualize yourself happy and healthy. See yourself smiling and content, having achieved your goal if you have a specific one; otherwise simply be in joyful balance. Create a ball of energy in front of you by visualizing it coming from you. See the Moon high above you and see the Moonlight come down and connect and infuse your energy ball with sparkling gentle flickers of lunar blessings. Bring this ball back into yourself and, while keeping your intention and visualized balanced self in mind, immediately send the whole energy to ground. Plant your desire in the earth. Really let it go. I usually get a pronounced tingle or even shudder when the energy passes down and out of me. Take some physical action to seal the spell. You might clap, or using your index finger draw a pentacle or three equal armed crosses in the air in front of you; you might speak out a “So Mote it Be!”

Now sit or stoop down and send to ground any remaining energy — place your forehead to the earth. Be thankful to the universe and be content.

Undo your circle by gently sweeping away any marks you have left. Leave this special place and do not look back! You may gaze again at the Moon only after you have left the park or glade. Know that your intention will come to pass by the next lunar cycle.

Of all the props, be they ancient grimoires, rare imported herbs, or handmade ritual implements, there is only one tool needed and really necessary to do magick. That tool is your own self.


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