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Today's Word: imp

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Today's Word: imp Empty Today's Word: imp

Post  TipsyCad147 on Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:33 am

Today's Word: imp

(noun, transitive verb)


1. (as in folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous: "Oleg was convinced that the magic and petty troubles of his life were caused by imps who inhabited his country garden."

2. a playfully mischievous child

3. a small demon; fiend

transitive verb

4. (as in falconry) to graft with new feathers, as a wing; to splice a broken feather; 'Imp out our drooping country's broken wing' (Shakespeare)

Approximately 1200; from Middle English, 'impe': seedling, sprig, offspring; from Old English, 'impa': young shoot, graft, from 'impian': to graft; borrowed from a Germanic source; from Vulgar Latin, 'imputus'; variant of Late Latin, 'impotus': implanted; from Greek, 'emphytos,' verbal adjective of 'emphyein': to implant ('em-': made of + 'phyein': to plant, to grow).


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