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Tarot Card of the Day - Five of Wands‏

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Tarot Card of the Day - Five of Wands‏

Post  TipsyCad147 on Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:21 am

Tarot Card of the Day - Five of Wands‏

Tarot Message of the Day:

Are you sure you’re fighting for the right cause?

When “Five of Wands” shows up in a tarot reading, it may serve as an invitation for you to look deeper into what you’re going through in life and take note of what’s transiting or melting away from your existing form of interaction.

Even when you feel you deserve to take a stand and exert pressure to express your sense of duty, this card “Five of Wands” could be here to remind you to recognize the relative value of duality and come to realize the greatness of allowing the two extremes to blend, co-create and build a better outcome for all the parties involved.

If you’re open to consider shifting your focus from the perspective of “I” to a proposition of “We”, this card “Five of Wands” could be here to suggest you to put together a scheme of constructive possibilities that would enhance the flow of collaboration instead of imposing constraining choices of limitations that will defeat the original intention to accommodate the vast presence of creative intellects.

I sincerely hope that you’ll take the time to honestly look at your current circumstances today and make a wise evaluation of your situation.


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