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Post  TipsyCad147 on Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:36 am

*Remember Today*

*Pagan Daily Devotionals*

Take a moment to remember one of the victim's of the Burning Times, who died
because of fear and hysteria but in the name of 'witchcraft'.

Jennet Preston was hanged in York, England, in 1612. She was one of the more
famous groups of witches known as the "Pendle Witches" who supposedly killed a
number of local townsfolk. Jennet was specifically accused of murdering Thomas
Lister, of Gisburn.

York Assizes, 27 July 1612

Jennet Preston lived in Gisburn, in Yorkshire, so she was sent to York Assizes for trial. Her judges were Sir James Altham and Sir Edward Bromley. Preston was accused of murdering Thomas Lister by witchcraft, to which she pleaded not guilty. She had already appeared before Bromley in 1611, charged with murdering a child by witchcraft, but had been found not guilty. The most damning evidence given against her was that when she had been taken to see Lister's body, the corpse "bled fresh bloud presently, in the presence of all that were there present" after she touched it According to a statement made to Nowell by James Device on 27 April, Jennet had attended the Malkin Tower meeting to seek help with Lister's murder.[She was found guilty, and sentenced to death by hanging.


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